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AI-Integrated Marine Robotic Boat Showcased for Waste Collection Technology at Umiam Lake, Meghalaya
EcoNest: A Remarkable Step Towards Sustainable Tourism in Meghalaya
Solar Dryer Transforms Meghalaya’s Fruit Drying Process Locally
Smart Village Movement Magazine 2023
A New Era for Healthcare with Drone Deliveries
Shaping the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs In Rural Gujarat
Breaking Barriers and Unlocking Potential: The Latest News from CMYC
Gramin Health Care Clinics: Transforming Rural Healthcare in Meghalaya
Smart Village Community Learning Centre Demonstrates How Hygge Energy’s Technology Can Be Effectively Used For Economic Growth
Fueling Dreams: The Impact of Sohrarim’s Innovation Hub
Empowering Rural Learners through Entrepreneurship Development: Introducing Nano Grants
Chief Minister’s Youth Centre in Sohrarim showcased beautiful self made marvels in its 3rd Exhibition Day
Successful STEM Exhibition at Myngken Christian Higher Secondary School Showcases Innovation and Academic Excellence

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Join us to empower the rural world.

The Smart Village Movement is a collaborative process facilitated by SVM organization with Berkeley-Haas Center of Growth Markets to create a Smart Village ecosystem. We partner with Government, Academia, Corporations and Rural Communities to foster independence and sustainable rural development in Indian villages and other emerging markets.

Our focus on Open-innovation, indigenous technologies and natural economic forces builds a well-developed SVM ecosystem that empowers rural communities to provide for themselves through entrepreneurship, job skills and access to global markets.

In Alliance with Berkeley Haas

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Smart Village Movement's Journey in the state of Meghalaya

Journey to Mori - India’s First Smart Village

The SVM Co-Innovation Model


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Smart Village Movement – In Alliance With Berkeley Haas
Indica News interviewing our Executive Chairman Dr. Anil Shah during Vibrant Gujarat Roadshow in San Francisco on 2nd Dec 2021
Smart Village Movement Raises $680,000 At Fundraiser In Cerritos,CA
First drone delivery of drugs to remote Meghalaya area
In A First, Drone Used To Deliver Medicines In Meghalaya


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