Smart Village Movement’s Triple Helix Process of Innovation: Better together

Source: Adaptation of UC Berkeley’s Center of Growth Markets Triple Helix Model of Open Innovation

All Things Work Together for Good

New approaches are necessary to expand market access to the people of India and global rural economies. The Triple-Helix model involves the equal participation and support of government, academia, and business. The Open Innovation process provides cost-effective and sustainable solutions, for the community. Here the Smart Village Movement acts as a mediator for all three to come together and co-innovate with the villagers, finding optimal solutions suited to their region.

Value Propositions: It’s a Win-Win


  • Research Insights to formulate better policies
  • Access to data base of village community pain points
  • Meeting needs of the villagers
  • Socio-Economic improvement in their state
  • Encouraging entrepreneurship in their state
  • Potential investment from Silicon Valley and other global firms and start-ups
  • Increased tax revenue from participating companies


  • Access to data base of community pain points
  • Opportunity for students and faculty to embark on problem-driven, pragmatic research
  • Research funding and support from Government
  • The ability to provide students with education and resources for targeted research
  • Access to Berkeley-SVM Open-innovation platform


  • Tap into the pain points of rural markets
  • Resolve relevant customer needs and have first-mover advantage
  • Access an efficient structure to test market fit in the villages
  • Develop business models based on data and feedback
  • Encouraging entrepreneurship in their state
  • Scale up in untapped markets
  • Access to Berkeley-SVM Open-innovation platform
  • Networking with other firms, government and leading universities to form partnerships and enhance offerings


  • Socio-economic empowerment
  • Develop social and human capital to be independent
  • Access to better healthcare, education and infrastructure services
  • Loan facilitation
  • Digital Tools to increase income
  • Having a say in the co-innovation process, give feedback whether a possible solution is truly helpful/relevant
  • Recognition and participation

The Triple Helix Model gives Open Innovation leverage to solve the world’s most pressing challenges, including global health, water, energy, environment, food, education, security, and poverty.

SVM Role: Facilitating an Open-Innovation Ecosystem for the Greater Good

No single organization or stakeholder can rally disparate resources that often work in silos. It takes an ecosystem of organizations, all seeking to understand villagers’ needs and true aspirations and which services they would be willing to pay to obtain. Smart Village Movement’s main role is to facilitate this Open Innovation ecosystem.

By facilitating collaborations among several relevant companies and creating an integrated solution for the rural population, SVM reduces the overall costs of technology or infrastructure for the customers – farmers, entrepreneurs, students. When rural populations start adopting modern concepts and digital technology they evolve as a financially stable, self-sustaining community with increased well-being and happiness.

  • SVM Transform villages and build social capital that lets villagers identify and pursue entrepreneurial paths to economic independence.
  • We take new collaborative approaches (State Governments + Academia + Corporates + NGO + Community) rather than traditional ones with solely government-led development assistance.
  • Our Open Innovation practices and the Triple Helix concept combined with digital technologies accelerate the availability of opportunities for villagers significantly and helps with building social and human capital in the rural setting.

Be a Changemaker: Access our Platform Here to participate. See how co-innovation has created solutions that are now active projects that address real-world challenges.