EcoNest: A Remarkable Step Towards Sustainable Tourism in Meghalaya

Smart Village Movement, September 28, 2023


Meghalaya, often referred to as the crown jewel of Northeast India, has achieved a remarkable milestone in pursuing sustainable tourism infrastructure by launching EcoNest– An innovative Eco-tourism cottage. This innovative pilot initiative, brought to life by the Government of Meghalaya through  Smart Village Movement in alliance with the University of California Berkeley-Haas, in collaboration with the Meghalaya Tourism Department and Shillong Bamboo, showcases a unique blend of technology, entrepreneurship, and natural assets.

On September 27, Smart Village Movement successfully launched EcoNest at the Pinewood Hotel in Shillong on the momentous occasion of World Tourism Day. Overseeing this meaningful ceremony was Shri. Paul Lyngdoh, the esteemed Minister of Tourism for Meghalaya. The inauguration unfolded after a prestigious Responsible Tourism Summit and Awards Programme hosted by Outlook, a poignant reminder of the paramount importance of fostering sustainable tourism in the region.

EcoNest Inaugurated by Honourable Tourism Minister of Meghalaya, Mr. Paul Lyngdoh

The Smart Village Movement presented a stunning 2-minute video devoted to EcoNest as a charming aspect of this landmark occasion. Attendees got a vivid visual of the pilot homestay housing project that blends innovation in green construction with beautiful bamboo aesthetics that blend with the natural surroundings with a simple, sustainable design that EcoNest personifies in the tourism industry.

EcoNest, epitomizing sustainable luxury, has been painstakingly designed to cater to the burgeoning demand for eco-friendly infrastructure, impeccably aligning with the objectives outlined in the Meghalaya Tourism Policy 2023. EcoNest cottage resides within the prestigious Pinewood Hotels of Shillong, infusing this beloved destination with its sustainable charm. Beyond the mere resolution of supply-side challenges, EcoNest aspires to pioneer conservation of the pristine natural beauty that Meghalaya is known for.

EcoNest’s Distinctive Attributes:

  • Utilization of Sustainable and Renewable Materials: A discerning choice of construction materials reflects a commitment to environmental stewardship.
  • Innovative SAF (Sustainable Agrifiber) Board Construction: This cutting-edge technology harnesses agricultural waste, such as rice and wheat straw, from Asan Building Systems, championing circular economy principles.
  • Bamboo Aesthetics and Furnishings: These showcase Meghalaya’s abundant bamboo resources, thoughtfully sourced from Shillong Bamboo, intertwining traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design.

Impressed by the sustainable materials used in the construction of the cottage, Tourism Minister of Meghalaya, Mr. Paul Lyngdoh commended the initiative of the whole team and encouraged them to take this commitment to eco-friendliness a step further. He suggested the incorporation of green energy solutions in the next phase, emphasizing the importance of making Econest a fully green and environmentally responsible model.

EcoNest, serves as a testament to how technology, entrepreneurship, and the reasonable utilization of renewable local resources and skills can be harnessed to fulfill the growing need for sustainable tourism infrastructure.

Tourism Minister of Meghalaya, Mr. Paul Lyngdoh with Smart Village Movement and Shillong Bamboo Team

This project goes beyond the tourism industry; it takes on the role as a catalyst for a more sustainable future. The design of EcoNest, which is based on renewable resources, is an important step in lowering reliance on traditional building materials.

The successful launch of EcoNest represents a transformative juncture in Meghalaya’s journey towards sustainable tourism infrastructure. It sets a new benchmark for responsible tourism and positions Meghalaya at the vanguard of eco-conscious travel destinations.

By embracing sustainable and innovative solutions in its construction and operation, EcoNest aligns with the UNWTO’s call for more targeted investments that benefit people, the planet, and prosperity. This eco-friendly cottage model represents a forward-thinking approach to tourism infrastructure, contributing to creating a new and more sustainable tourism investment strategy, precisely in line with the global theme for this year’s World Tourism Day.

For additional information, please visit Smart Village Movement’s Website.

About Smart Village Movement: Smart Village Movement is a leading organisation promoting sustainable innovations and enterprise driven initiatives focusing in rural markets. They collaborate closely with governments, corporations, startups, non profits etc to drive innovative solutions for sustainable development.

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