Vision: To Increase Happiness of the Villagers.

Our long-term vision for rural areas is to enable them to make the most of their potential and support them in their own unique set of issues, from environmental change to connectivity, the risk of poverty, and limited access to services. This is always done in close consultation with people living in rural areas, as well as local and regional authorities.

At SVM we believe our process must be simple and scalable. Sustainable development can only occur when thoughtfully chosen technologies and innovation are readily adopted by the community and allowed to flourish organically.

What Does the Smart Village Movement Do?

Our Mission: Building Smart Villages by Empowering People through Digital Technology

Smart Village Movement: A mobilized population driven by a shared vision and mission to create more vibrant, sustainable rural areas.
3.4 billion rural people in the world do not have access to global markets. Smart Village Movement (SVM) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that works with governments, global corporations and universities to enable rural people to provide for themselves through entrepreneurship, job training and access to Open-Innovation platforms.

Unlike other forms of aid, SVM has never been about providing free facilities and expensive infrastructure investments. Our primary role is to bring underserved rural people online and connect them to the rest of the world’s ecosystems. This means providing them with access to resources, tools, market linkages, and knowledge to transform their local habitats with targeted investments in Healthcare, Household, Livelihood and Education projects.

Our mission is to empower villagers with the right technology and innovation to explore entrepreneurial opportunities, improve revenue, and to build on their own and new resources for a happier life in their village.

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