News Article

Times of India, Nov 27, 2021

First drone delivery of drugs to remote Meghalaya area

NDTV, Nov 27, 2021

In A First, Drone Used To Deliver Medicines In Meghalaya

Business Standard, Nov 27, 2021

TechEagle delivers lifesaving medicines using hybrid drone in Meghalaya

Economic Times, Nov 26, 2021

TechEagle Drone logistic Airline partners with Government of Meghalaya and Smart Village Movement

Financial Express, Nov 25, 2021

TechEagle partners with Meghalaya Government to conduct demo on Nov 26 for medicine delivery using Hybrid e-VTOL drones

The Shillong Times, Nov 25, 2021

Now, drones to deliver medicines in Nongstoin

The Shillong Times, Oct 24, 2021

Rural entrepreneurship in M’laya to get boost with Farmers Development Centre

New Indian Express, June 9, 2021

UN representative from Andhra

The Shillong Times, May 12, 2021

Covid vaccination

Meghalaya Times, June 9, 2021

Impacting people’s lives through Smart Village Movement


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