cordially invites you to

svm benefit luncheon

ON 18TH JUNE 2022

10:30 AM to 3:00 PM

Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts

18000 Park Plaza Dr, Cerritos, CA 90703

Redefining Rural Development

Smart Village Movement aims to foster growth and empower rural communities in India through the employment of digital solutions and open innovation platforms. We partner with Government, Academia, Corporations, and Rural Communities to foster independence and sustainable rural development in Indian villages and other emerging markets.


Featured Speakers

Dr. Anil Shah 

Executive Chairman of Smart Village Movement | Social Innovator & Philanthropist | Medical Entrepreneur | Interventional Cardiologist

Dr. Shah serves underprivileged rural communities with sustainable economic development and brings critical healthcare, education, agriculture, and livelihood opportunities to underserved villagers. He is a pioneer of his time in bringing the first Preventive Healthcare Program (Positive Public Healthcare Management-PPHM) through medical AI in partnership with State Governments to rural populations in India.

Awards: Visionary of the Year 2009 by Orange Coast College | Builder of Berkeley by University of California Berkeley Haas School of Business in 2021 for supporting research studies and development in emerging markets.

Dr. Jitendra Adhia

Master Mind Guru | Talk: Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Dr. Adhia is an internationally recognized mind and memory trainer as well as a motivational speaker. Since 1995, he has risen to fame with his ‘Spring of Inspiration’ lectures, seminars, and workshops, which he has been delivering at numerous places all over the world.

Awards: He has been honored with Gnati Ratna Award by Lohana Maha Parishad and NRI Setu Ratna Award.

This interactive talk teaches the tools for manifestation. Learn how to use the power of your mind and intentions to achieve success and realize your goals.

“Events happen in our minds before they take place in the external world.”

Unleash the Power of Subconscious Mind

We are what we believe we are. Master the steps to achieve success in any field of your choice: career, finances, academics, relationships, social work, or spiritual growth. Our thoughts create our destiny.

From the Ground

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All proceeds will go towards building Smart Villages in
India to benefit underserved communities.

*This is a complimentary event, but registration is mandatory