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Smart Village Movement, March 2, 2023

Celebrating the Innovators: Nook Learners Exhibit their Talents at Sohrarim Salesforce Trailblazer Lab

The 11th of February 2023 marked a special occasion for Nook Learners from the Sohrarim Salesforce Trailblazer Lab as they gathered to exhibit their original ideas and innovative projects to their community. These students, hailing from rural areas, had devoted months of effort and perseverance to bring their concepts to fruition. They now stand prepared to showcase their remarkable  accomplishments with enthusiasm and confidence. The event was attended by team members from Smart Village Movement, Sauramandala Foundation, Project Defy, Prime Meghalaya, along with several community leaders and distinguished guests, who came together to honor and celebrate the learners’ accomplishments.

The exhibition includes the following projects on display:

  • Styles and Stitches
  • Cakes and Cookies
  • Music Video
  • Wood Working
  • Flower Bouquet
  • DIY Electric Guitar

Sunei CM Youth Centre Sets the Bar High with First-Ever Learner Exhibition

Hold on to your hats, folks! The Sunei CM Youth Centre has achieved a magnificent feat by hosting the first-ever exhibition organised by the learners.  These budding geniuses displayed their exceptional talents in a wide range of fields, including baking, embroidery, and carpentry.

This day is a victory not only for the learners but also a landmark moment for the initiative and all those involved in it. Here’s a sneak peek at three of the spectacular projects that were showcased on this momentous day.

  1. Flavoured Baked Cakes: by Iaphi, Wanshisha and Iban Marbaniang
  1. Versatile Foldable Bed cum Sofa ; By Amostarwell and Wilkeystar
  1. Embroidered Jainsems( Khais Tradional Dress) : By Baiarilang and Bakmenglang

Empowering Rural Communities with Open Community Libraries across Meghalaya

The launch of “Open Community Libraries” at the CMYouthCentres across Meghalaya has been announced, with a two-day training program conducted on Library Space Management and the use of libraries for community mobilization.

A total of 20 community libraries will be established across 8 districts of Meghalaya. These libraries are expected to play a crucial role in enhancing foundational literacy among the rural community and acting as a hub for various capacity-building and empowering activities.

According to Manasaguru B, Community Engagement Lead at CMYC Meghalaya, an initiative of the Govt. of Meghalaya Smart Village Movement, designed & supported by Sauramandala Foundation and Project DEFY, training is essential for new librarians to manage the space efficiently and effectively mobilize communities through the space. It is imperative that they understand the significance of such spaces and have a strong foundation to build upon.

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Information and Image Source: CMYC Meghalaya