In the critical realm of healthcare, swift and timely response to emergencies can be a matter of life and death. Particularly in remote rural areas, the logistical challenges of delivering medical supplies, vaccines, and life-saving drugs are amplified by factors such as distance, lack of road connectivity, and challenging terrain. Globally, healthcare communities are seeking innovative solutions to bridge the gap and deliver vital care to regions with limited access.

SVM Solution

Enter SVM Health Wings, a pioneering initiative by the Smart Village Movement (SVM) that leverages Tech Eagle’s cutting-edge drone technology to revolutionize healthcare logistics in rural India. Recognizing the unique challenges presented by Meghalaya’s terrain, climate, and sporadic populations, SVM Health Wings focuses on using drones to transport critical medical supplies, including blood, platelets, and time-sensitive medications. In collaboration with Tech Eagle Innovation and with the support of the Government of Meghalaya, this project aims to enhance healthcare access and improve the overall quality of life in remote communities.


SVM Health Wings owes its success to the strategic partnership with Tech Eagle Innovation, India’s trailblazer in long-range, high-speed, heavy payload delivery drone solutions. Founded by IIT Kanpur alumni, Tech Eagle Innovation is among the first companies authorized by DGCA, MoCA, AAI, & MHA to conduct Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) trials for package delivery via drones in India.

Project Details

SVM Health Wings takes flight with the goal of transforming last-mile medicine delivery. Here’s an overview of the project’s key features:

Hybrid VTOL Drone Technology

Introducing a Hybrid Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) drone, a pioneering concept in India. This innovative technology allows for efficient and versatile drone operations in challenging terrains.

Strategic Routes and Demos

After collaboration with National Health Mission (NHM) officials in West Khasi Hills, strategic routes were identified for pilot demonstrations. The central hub at Nongstoin District Hospital facilitated deliveries to Poly Health Clinics (PHC) in Mawei, Markasa, and Kynshi. The demonstration showcased the groundbreaking use of Hybrid VTOL drones for the first time in India, virtually witnessed by the Honourable Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Shri Conrad K Sangma.

Significant Time Reduction

Drone deliveries demonstrate a remarkable reduction in time compared to traditional transportation. For instance, the journey from Nongstoin District Hospital to Maweit PHC, which typically takes 3 hours by road, was completed in just 20 minutes via drone.

Scalability and Future Possibilities

The project’s success opens doors to limitless future possibilities. The hub-and-spoke model can be scaled to explore deliveries in various Smart Village Movement verticals, ensuring broader benefits for rural communities.

Join us in SVM Health Wings, where drones become guardians of health, soaring through the skies to deliver care swiftly and efficiently. This milestone is a testament to the visionary partnership with Tech Eagle Innovations and the unwavering support of the Government of Meghalaya, ushering in a new era of last-mile medicine delivery solutions for the well-being of every citizen.