Students take learning beyond classroom in our STEM Innovation Hub

Smart Village Movement, June 14, 2024

We are thrilled to share some delightful moments from the STEM Innovation Hub at Myngken Christian Higher Secondary School!

In our STEM classes, Grade 6 students deeply engage in practical learning with geometrical measurements using real-life objects and our school’s scenic surroundings. This hands-on approach enhances their understanding and makes learning enjoyable and memorable for long-term knowledge gain. They are actively involved in calculating the area of rectangles using classroom tables, measuring the circumference of tree trunks, and exploring angles and degrees in the playground.

At SVM, practical learning and making education fun are crucial for fostering a deeper understanding and sustained knowledge retention. These enthusiastic young minds are passive learners and active explorers of STEM concepts. Their enthusiasm and curiosity in these pictures are truly heartwarming!

We take immense pride in nurturing our future scientists and mathematicians, inspiring them to learn and grow through engaging educational experiences. These images will surely bring a smile to your face as they capture the joy and excitement of learning in action.