What is the SVM Open Innovation Platform?

Smart Village Movement, November 14, 2022

A Smart Space to Brainstorm Rural Solutions

Nov 12, 2022
Anna Fitter for Smart Village Movement in Alliance with Berkeley Haas

At Smart Village Movement, almost all projects involve some form of Open Innovation. Multiple partners are brought together to work towards a common goal of providing certain services in rural markets. In addition to sustainability, collaboration and co-innovation are SVM’s core principles – We Are Better Together.

If you are wondering exactly how the concept of Open-Innovation and Co Innovation are viable in today’s cut-throat business world, do take a quick read at last month’s blog – SVM’s Open Innovation Model of Rural Development: Better Together. There we explain how as a facilitator and integrator of solutions, SVM rigorously resists creating parallel initiatives and duplicating development projects. Our first instinct is to seek existing resources and expertise and bring them together on our Open-Innovation Platform to co-innovate sustainable and holistic solutions to common challenges that underserved rural communities face.

SVM Triple Helix Model of Development:

Our Triple Helix Model itself is a classic example of Innovation where SVM coordinates activities with Government, Academia, Corporates and Rural Communities to solve rural grand challenges.

The best example of how we apply Open Innovation in core operations is our unique digital Platform. The SVM Open Innovation Platform

What is the SVM Open Innovation Platform?

Smart Village Movement Platform is a dynamic digital space where experts from academia, government, business, and the SVM Team and mentors come together to co-innovate and solve grand challenges of rural emerging economies.

It’s a common ground where all stakeholders connect to access and share data for the co-innovation process. The various sections of the Platform classify different types of data that an average user might require to work on a project they find interesting and understand the ecosystem of the organization and regional profile as a whole.

Delivering Sustainable Solutions For Rural Challenges

Every organization has its unique strengths and expertise. We tap into the best in business, bring them into our collaborative ecosystem and help them refine their business model to suit the rural context.

The Platform is created with the understanding that not all solutions and ideas that solve a community’s challenge are generated within a community or from just one organization. There is always someone, somewhere, with a better idea. Perhaps in another state, country, university, research lab, factory, farm, or boardroom that has some insight into a challenge. They can share their experience and expertise on this open forum or utilize the data points or ideas presented on the platform to help solve some chronic problems and challenges that rural communities face.

You could be one of our problem solvers and changemakers. Join us to create opportunities and solutions for sustainable socio-economic development; help us bridge the urban-rural gap that keeps villagers from the opportunities and facilities that could bring them true independence and happiness.

Take a look at this brief video on how to use the Platform:

What is Open Innovation?

Platform Users across the world

ABOUT SMART VILLAGE MOVEMENT: The Smart Village Movement is a collaborative process facilitated by the SVM organization with the Berkeley-Haas Center of Growth Markets to create a Smart Village ecosystem. We partner with Government, Academia, Corporations, and Rural Communities to foster independence and sustainable rural development in Indian villages and other emerging markets. Our mission is to empower rural people through digital technologies and open innovation platforms to access global markets.