SVM Team Exploring Innovation at Jain Irrigation’s Campus

Smart Village Movement, April 14, 2023

By Regia Kom

Jain Irrigation Systems is a renowned agribusiness company that has been leading the way in developing innovative solutions for irrigation, food processing, and renewable energy. During our recent exposure visit to their Jain Hills campus in Jalgaon, Maharashtra, we had the privilege of gaining insights into their cutting-edge solutions and the inspiring culture of innovation that propels their success.

From the moment we arrived at the Jain Hills premises, we were transported to a world of beauty and sophistication. The lush greenery, the stunning architecture of each building, and the glowing yellow lights at night showcased a culture of attention to aesthetic detail and extended a warm welcome to all who come here to learn about the world of agriculture. The guest house accommodations were comfortable, and the vegetarian Jain diet was a delightful culinary experience that we still miss today!

What sets Jain Irrigation apart from others in the industry is its unique approach to management, which integrates native wisdom, such as the tradition of ahimsa (reflected in their strictly vegetarian factory sites), and a focus on environmental protection. Jain Irrigation’s founder and chairman, Dr. Bhavarlal Hiralal Jain, is a role model for leaving the world better than he found it and creating a harmonious balance between innovation and traditional wisdom.

During our visit, we learned about several innovative solutions developed by Jain Irrigation, such as their drip irrigation system. Drip irrigation is a highly efficient method of irrigating crops that delivers water directly to the roots, reducing water waste and increasing crop yields. Jain Irrigation has developed several innovative products and solutions around drip irrigation, such as fertigation, which involves the application of fertilizers through the irrigation system.

Jain Irrigation is also making significant strides in the renewable energy sector. The company has set up a solar park on the Jain Hills campus that generates clean energy and reduces its carbon footprint. This organization has also developed solar-powered irrigation pumps that help farmers save on electricity costs.

What impressed us most about them was their relentless research and development efforts, which have transformed barren land into fertile and cultivable land. Jain Irrigation’s scientists and researchers are constantly experimenting and developing new solutions to address the challenges faced by farmers in India and around the world. Their innovative and effective irrigation systems have resulted in a thriving ecosystem rich in diverse biodiversity.

Our exposure visit to Jain Irrigation’s Model Farm in Jalgaon, Maharashtra has provided us with valuable insights and knowledge in the field of agriculture. We believe that this learning can be applied to the pilot programs in Meghalaya to address the challenges faced by rural areas, such as the lack of proper training on commercial and sustainable farming, market linkage, and selecting the right crop for maximum profit. By exploring the best ways to optimize land usage through effective drip irrigation systems and providing proper training, we can empower Meghalaya farmers and make farming a more profitable venture. This visit has given us a new perspective on agriculture and we are excited to implement these innovative practices to achieve our objectives in Meghalaya.

In conclusion, our visit to the Jain Hills campus was an eye-opening experience. Jain Irrigation’s culture of innovation is truly inspiring, and we are confident that their solutions will go a long way in improving the lives of farmers in India and around the world. The legacy of Dr. Bhavarlal Hiralal Jain, the founder, and chairman of Jain Irrigation Systems Limited, continues to inspire us with his vision of leaving the world better than he found it. Jain Irrigation is undoubtedly one of the leading agribusiness companies, pioneering solutions in irrigation, food processing, and renewable energy.

ABOUT SMART VILLAGE MOVEMENT: The Smart Village Movement is a collaborative process facilitated by the SVM organization with the Berkeley-Haas Center of Growth Markets to create a Smart Village ecosystem. We partner with Government, Academia, Corporations, and Rural Communities to foster independence and sustainable rural development in Indian villages and other emerging markets. Our mission is to empower rural people through digital technologies and open innovation platforms to access global markets.