What is SAVe Foundation?

SAVe Foundation is a next generation social enterprise established in August 2013 as a section 25 Company (now referred as section 8 company) with its registered office in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. SAVe Foundation works on empowering Agripreneurs, Farmer Producers Organizations, Youth and Agribusiness Industry with People – Planet – Prosperity approach.

What kind of programs SAVe Foundation has?

  • Smart Agribusiness (Smart Agripreneurs)
  • Farmer Producer Organizations (Smart Farmers Enterprises)
  • Youth Empowerment – Skilling, Mentoring, Internships & Entrepreneurship (CAMP-S)
  • Start-ups Incubation (Networking and Mainstream Market Connect support to start-ups representing AgriTech, FinTech, FoodTech & EduTech)
  • Children Mentoring – FAST Program (Food-Agriculture-Science-Technology) / SparklEd
  • Talent Hub (HR Services)
  • Social Impact Audits/CSR Projects.

What is CAMP-S?

CAMP-S (Career Advisory and Mentoring Programs):

The goal of CAMP-S is to advice and mentor aspiring students from Agri, Non Agri domains and professionals on developing global mindset and business perspectives through constant engagement on the following areas,

  • Market Developments
  • Industry insights & Innovations
  • Industry network building
  • Policy environment

CAMP – S program will be career consulting for students and young professionals, providing them necessary career guidelines to excel according to their personal career aspirations. CAMP – S will connect the best human resources to the industries all over the world, matching industry needs and students’ aspirations, thus ensuring higher productivity of employees, good employee satisfaction and retention rate for the industry with greater impact.

The CAMP-S courses engages the mentors and advisors to work in alignment with Student Personal Career Aspirations.

The Learning pyramid of CAMP-S consists of three key elements as mentioned below:

What can I learn from CAMP – S?

  • Skill Gap Reduction – We work such that the companies get benefited in terms of better-trained resources and we ensure that individuals know what to look for thus building the skill gap
  • Internships – In various projects in applied agriculture sectors such as the Agro-based Industries Sector, Services Sector, Agricultural Engineering, Corporations, Agriculture Management and Commodity value chain financing etc.
  • Curriculum – Thoughtfully structured curriculum, methodically planned and prepared by highly experienced domain Professionals
  • Mentorship – Guides & Advisors would help individuals gain deeper understanding & experiences in their field. Mentor, Mentee mapping would be done based on an assessment of the individual’s interests and aspirations
  • Periodically Industry Best Experts and Practitioners would be invited to share their field experience and knowledge & their journey.

What kind of courses are offered by CAMP – S?
Present courses offered under CAMP-S with student’s eligibility criteria and fees:

1 Agri Stars B.Sc. Agri/B.Sc. Horti/B.Tech Agri/
Diploma in Agriculture/Horticulture/Seed
Technology/Ag Engineering
3 Years 10,000
2 Agri Champs Post Graduate Diploma in Agribusiness

Management; MBA-Agribusiness; MBA-
Rural Management

1 Years 10,000
3 Farm Risers BBA; MBA; B.Sc. (Botany/Zoology);
B. Tech Engineering;
1 Years 10,000
4 Industry Leaders Employees in Agribusiness Industry; Rural
Development; Retail and FMCG Industry.
1 Years 5,000 +
(25% of First
Month Salary
which is
referred by

How can I use CAMP – S?

CAMP – S courses are offered to registered students only.To enrol students required to submit their application and registration forms in the given link: Click Here

The CAMP-S program is completely digital with online and offline access to students’ digital profiles. Mentor sessions and expert interaction everything will be virtual allowing the students to get out from the constraint of time, travel & money and to learn from the best mentors and practitioners around the world, in the convenience and safe environment of their home/campus. The blend of virtual learning with quarterly assessment and mentoring is expected to make this learning circle complete

Why should I join CAMP – S?

CAMP – S is a unique platform which will help on going students and employees to identify their passion, purpose and practise in alignment with personal career aspirations to build unique career opportunities by interacting with industry best practitioners across the globe and scheduled personal career mentoring sessions.

Successful completion of Camp -S course will give them good credibility and these candidates will be most preferred by industry.

On Successful completion of CAMP – S course students will be awarded certificates jointly issued by SAVe Foundation and SVM (In alliance with Berkeley Haas)

For more details please contact Social Advancement Ventures Foundation.