Positive Public Healthcare Management (PPHM) Project as a Paradigm Shift

Smart Village Movement, January 20, 2022

The goal to promote health-seeking behavior amongst the citizenry is paramount for policy decision-makers and governments across the world as it ensures a healthier society and overall development of nations. In the state of Meghalaya, some of the health indicators like average lifespan, infant mortality rate, and maternal mortality rate are distressed and therefore merits attention to be addressed.

After months of careful planning and collaborations with the Department of Health and Family Welfare in Meghalaya, Meghalaya Basin Development Agency, Healthcare AI screening partner Maya MD, KRSNAA as our Diagnostics partner, and Martin Luther Christian University as our Mobilisation partner, our first-of-kind Positive Public Healthcare Management (PPHM) pilot project was launched in Meghalaya with a tripartite agreement. The Community Health Centre at Bhoirymbong, Ri Bhoi serves as the pilot hub. The process will be to collect, arrange, and analyze clinical data of patients from their different care environments that can give out opportunities to improve patient health and the financial outcomes of healthcare providers. The project will help reduce disease management costs and prevent chronic diseases.

The project’s primary goal is to make a paradigm shift in India, from Disease Management to Disease Prevention, and promote health-seeking behavior. The collaboration of SVM, MBDA, and NHM will provide a connected digital healthcare delivery platform and network to the population of Meghalaya. The mission of this project would be to take 43 Positive Health Parameters chosen for the state of Meghalaya and bring them to WHO standards in the district of Ri Bhoi, an aspirational district in Meghalaya over the next 7 years. Our digital solutions partner MAYA MD brings Artificial Intelligence and physician expertise to reduce disease management expenditure and increase longevity.