Intern Shares: Reynold Dkhar

Smart Village Movement, December 21, 2023


I devoted five meaningful months of my life to the Smart Village Movement (SVM) in alliance with Berkeley Haas, serving as a volunteer from July 18th to November 30th, 2023. This experience went beyond being an internship; it was an immersive exploration into SVM’s operations and initiatives aimed at uplifting rural communities in the state of Meghalaya.


My journey at SVM-Meghalaya was a profound dive into its diverse landscape. As a nonprofit organization, SVM collaborates with governments, global corporations, and universities to empower rural communities through entrepreneurship, job training, and open innovation platforms. I actively engaged with SVM’s initiatives, spanning Technology Integration, Renewable Energy, Education, Skill Development, Healthcare, Agricultural Innovation, and Community Engagement.

My learning outcomes covered a wide spectrum, including project knowledge, fieldwork experiences, environmental awareness, email drafting skills, and research proficiency. I delved into projects like Curiosity Gym, BharatRohan, Clearbot, and more, gaining insights into SVM’s multifaceted approach. Fieldwork provided firsthand knowledge of community challenges and opportunities, shaping a valuable guide for my future endeavors.

My environmental awareness grew as I understood the causes of pollution in Umiam Lake, emphasizing the real-world implications of environmental degradation and the importance of sustainable practices.

Engaging with SVM’s dynamic team in Meghalaya, led by notable figures like Sir Tulenam Laloo, Sir Divine Dkhar, Ma’am Alvareen Kharwanlang, and others, left a lasting impression on me. Their dedication and leadership significantly contributed to my internship journey.

In expressing my appreciation, I extend heartfelt gratitude to everyone at SVM, including leaders, team members, and especially my mentors, Sir Divine and Miss Meba. The knowledge, guidance, and camaraderie I experienced during my volunteer work were invaluable.


My five-month journey at Smart Village Movement in alliance with Berkeley Haas was truly transformative. Exposure to SVM’s projects, policies, and teamwork enriched my understanding of community development and corporate engagement. This volunteer experience equipped me with practical skills and insights that will undoubtedly shape my future endeavors.


As I bid farewell, I extend my deepest gratitude to SVM in alliance with Berkeley Haas for this incredible opportunity. It was a pleasure to be part of SVM as an intern, and I wish the organization continued success in all its future initiatives.

Thank you,
Reynold Meyal Dkhar