Health Minister Meghalaya visits Smart Village Projects in Sohrarim

Smart Village Movement, October 15, 2021

Mr. James PK Sangma, Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Meghalaya visited SVM’s Sohrarim project locations, a village that showcases solutions enabled by the best of technologies and innovation. The Minister welcomed the value creation through our channels to build market access in the rural world.

His interactions at Gramin Polyclinic centre, was enlightening for all stakeholders as it brought the perspective of how unique systems can complement one another to fill in the gaps in healthcare access. He also remarked on the role of health camps, demonstrated by Gramin on the remote periphery locations to be of great interest to study and learn as the sector evolves and innovates for growing inclusion.

The entrepreneur at the e-Fresh’s Framer Development Centre, Peaceful Tariang, presented the various facets of the farmer’s one-stop-shop solutions.

Mr. James, exploring the Salesforce Community Lab, expressed great satisfaction to learn of the co-innovation model that combines many independent learning solutions to build a pipeline for children and the youth, a first of its kind in india.

The visit concluded with this encouraging message:.

“It is encouraging to see private enterprises moving closer to rural areas creating last-mile access and affordable solutions through technology & skilled manpower.” said the Health minister about the projects.

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