Gramin Health Care Launches 20 Tech-Driven Primary Healthcare Clinics in Meghalaya

Smart Village Movement, March 5, 2023

The Government of Meghalaya, in collaboration with the Smart Village Movement (a not-for-profit collaborative initiative between the Government and the University of California, Berkeley) has engaged Gramin Health Care to start a pilot polyclinic in 2021. We are so glad to share that these tech-driven sustainable primary healthcare clinics have now been scaled up to 20 more locations across the state. Smart Village movement is glad to be part of this journey of Gramin Healthcare becoming one of the largest private clinic chains providing affordable primary healthcare services in the remotest of villages. 

GHC’s primary healthcare services include access to qualified and experienced doctors through audio/video calls at no cost, affordable quality medicines, and diagnostic services such as ECG and eye screenings. This one-stop solution for all healthcare needs of the villagers is a significant step towards improving the overall health and well-being of people living in remote and underserved areas. 

In some of the clinics, doctors are physically present to cater to the patient’s needs. Although, the audio and video consultation services provided by GHC make it possible for patients to access qualified doctors even if they are not physically present at the clinics. This is especially useful in remote areas where it may be difficult for patients to travel to a healthcare facility. GHC’s affordable medicines and diagnostic services also make healthcare accessible to people from all socioeconomic backgrounds. 

The launch of these 20 new healthcare clinics is a significant step towards achieving the Smart Village Movement’s goal of creating self-sufficient and sustainable rural communities. GHC’s partnership with the government of Meghalaya is a testament to their commitment to improving healthcare for all. 

To learn more about GHC’s primary healthcare services, you can visit their website at