Empowering Ri Bhoi Ginger Farmers with Good Agricultural Practices

Smart Village Movement, May 15, 2024

Women preparing ginger rhizomes for sowing.

Image Credit: @Bharatrohan

Meghalaya, celebrated for its distinct agro-climate, is a beacon for ginger cultivation, fueling the local economy and supporting rural livelihoods. Yet, the path of Meghalaya’s resilient and determined farmers has been strewn with unique challenges. Despite the land’s inherent promise, farmers in the region have faced obstacles like pest outbreaks, diseases, and limited access to premium inputs. Nevertheless, these challenges haven’t wavered their commitment to optimizing yields and fostering sustainable farming methods.

To address these challenges, the Smart Village Movement partnered with Bharat Rohan for a pilot project. Recently, we organized a training workshop to educate farmers on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques, aiming to enhance their agricultural knowledge. We also conducted village-level meetings as platforms for knowledge exchange and capacity-building. Through these efforts, farmers gained insights into the significance of adopting GAP and IPM practices to achieve sustainable agricultural productivity.

Farmers working in Ginger Farms

Image Credit: @Bharatrohan

Village-Level Meetings with Farmers

Image Credit: @Bharatrohan

During these sessions, a key focus was placed on the importance of using premium planting material for ginger farming. Farmers were instructed on how to spot pests and diseases early, stressing the vital role of early detection in protecting their crops. In the discussion on pest and disease management, significant emphasis was placed on combating soft rot and wilt diseases in ginger. Farmers were introduced to Trichoderma, a highly effective biocontrol agent known for its ability to combat soil-borne diseases. They were educated about the various advantages of Trichoderma, including improving soil fertility and enhancing plant resistance to pests and diseases.

Trichoderma as a biological control agent

Image Source: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11274-023-03695-0

Recognizing the immense potential of Trichoderma in enhancing crop health, many farmers have sought assistance in accessing this beneficial biocontrol agent. BharatRohan, understanding the critical need to bridge this gap, proactively stepped in to ensure Trichoderma’s availability to farmers. Through streamlined procurement and distribution processes, this initiative has empowered farmers to leverage Trichoderma’s benefits effectively, fortifying their ginger crops against diseases.

These initiatives exemplify Smart Village Movement’s collaboration with BharatRohan, driving transformative change in Meghalaya’s agricultural realm. We strive to elevate farm productivity and increase farmer livelihood and income by empowering farmers with knowledge, resources, and unwavering support. The anticipated outcomes include improved yields and enhanced crop resilience, tangible results of our collective efforts.

As Meghalaya progresses towards a future where agriculture harmonizes with nature, our endeavors stand as a powerful testament to the impact of collective action and community engagement. Together, we pave the way for a thriving agricultural landscape that sustains livelihoods and the environment.

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