Catching up with exciting updates from CMYC

Smart Village Movement, June 12, 2023

We are excited to share some excellent news from the CMYouthCentres throughout Meghalaya!

  1. First-Ever Exhibition at CMYC Umling

The Umling CMYC recently held its first-ever exhibition on May 30th, a huge success. Attendees were captivated by the remarkable talents on display, including dance performances, music, handmade soap, beautiful dresses, and delicious food. It was an impressive showcase of creativity and passion. The event was graced by distinguished guests, including Shri Arpit Upadhyay, IAS, DC, and Ri-Bhoi, who supported and encouraged the community. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Government of Meghalaya, the esteemed leadership of Hon’ble CM Conrad Sangma, and all the organizations involved for their unwavering commitment to empowering these remarkable individuals.
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2. From Learners to Entrepreneurs: Showcasing Success at Saras Fair 2023

Banteilang Nongrum, a talented learner from Sohrarim CMYC, was recently given the opportunity to showcase his exceptional woodworking skills at the esteemed SARAS Fair. He was joined by several other learners-turned-entrepreneurs from Nongwah CMYC, who also received support from Salesforce to establish their businesses. Sharilis Sawkmie displayed her amigurumi dolls and keychains, while Dimery Sawkmie and Kminrila Rani showcased their crochet-knitted products. The stall set up and guidance for these fresh entrepreneurs were supported by PRIME-Sauramandala Rural Entrepreneurship Development (PSREF).

Although the time constraints limited the number of products they could showcase, all four entrepreneurs expressed their gratitude for the invaluable experience they gained. They eagerly look forward to participating in future fairs with better preparations to showcase a broader range of their products. The Saras Aajeevika Fair 2023 provided the perfect platform for these budding entrepreneurs to connect with a broader audience and expand their business networks. As a token of recognition, the Saras Fair organizing team gave them participation certificates, acknowledging their remarkable journey and dedication.

We commend Banteilang Nongrum, Sharilis Sawkmie, Dimery Sawkmie, and Kminrila Rani for their entrepreneurial spirit and efforts in taking their skills to new heights. They are shining examples of how learners can transform into successful entrepreneurs with the proper support and opportunities.

  1. CMYC Shangpung Observes Its First Exhibition

The Shangpung CMYC held its first exhibition showcasing the talents of its learners. The event attracted approximately 200 community members and was a testament to the centre’s commitment to nurturing and promoting diverse skills.

Stepping into the spotlight as the Chief Guest was Lambormi Suchen, the Skill Development Officer of West Jaintia Hills District. Suchen applauded the youth’s profound interest in alternative learning spaces like CMYC, where their unique abilities are embraced and celebrated. The exhibition became a canvas for their remarkable projects, capturing the essence of their skills and dedication.

The event featured exhibits such as knitting, a Husk-remover Machine, Tailoring, Bakery Products, arts, and accessories, exemplifying the learners’ pursuit of excellence and willingness to explore new frontiers. The day was a success, spotlighting the remarkable achievements of these talented individuals and presenting the spirit of innovation and self-designed learning that CMYC advocates.

  1. Five Week Reading Campaign in CMYC

Image Credit: CMYC

The Chief Minister’s Youth Centre (CMYC) and Pratham Books’ Storyweaver have teamed up to launch an exciting 5-week book-reading campaign called #GetChildrenReading. This campaign encourages children to read more by providing engaging stories through Open Community Libraries at the CMYCs. The campaign also promotes reading in local languages with the support of The Forgotten Folklore Project. Their contribution has translated five great storybooks into Khasi, Pnar, and Garo languages.

Image Credit: CMYC

The CMYC centers will be the hub of this campaign, with children from nearby communities actively participating in the reading activities for five weeks. Through this campaign, the CMYC hopes to ignite a love for reading in the hearts of young readers and expose them to a whole new world of possibilities.

Join us as we embark on this thrilling literary adventure and uncover tales, mysteries, and new worlds through captivating storybooks. Let us nurture young minds, kindle their imagination, and empower them with the incredible gift of reading. Stay tuned for more updates from CMYouthCentre as we continue to encourage and empower the talented youth of Meghalaya. Together, we can shape a brighter future!