Bridging the Agriculture Gap through Innovation and Collaboration in Meghalaya

Smart Village Movement, June 5, 2023

Meghalaya is a largely agrarian state that is yet to trade agricultural commodities at its fullest potential. The agriculture sector is informally organized. Most farmers have very low land ownership, with an average of 0.6 acres of land, and tend to sow, grow, and sell independently. This self-reliance has meant that farmers have little to no negotiation powers with bulk buyers and cannot build their material capacity over time. This is true of any farmer with smaller land holdings across the globe.

Our goal at Smart Village Movement is to introduce top-notch agricultural practices to the rural areas of India, particularly Meghalaya. We recognize the challenges that farmers experience in accessing reasonably priced, high-quality agricultural supplies. To address this issue, we have established Farmer’s Development Centers (FDCs) that have proven invaluable in assisting farmers in underserved rural communities in Meghalaya. Farmers can find all the support they need from FDCs, which act as a One-Stop-Shop offering advisory services, opportunities for scaling, finance, and market linkages.

Agri-Products in FDC Sohiong

We offer various services, including soil testing, satellite mapping for up-to-date information, and customized seed packets for farmers with limited land. This has made agricultural supplies more accessible, reduced financial strain, and provided convenience for farmers.

“The existence of the FDC in the Sohiong block has been a tremendous support for us, the farmers of Sohiong. The affordability of FDC seeds compared to those available in the market has made a significant difference in our lives. Given that most of us cultivate crops on small plots of land, the provision of small sachets by FDC is invaluable. We find seeds at FDC that are simply not available in the market. This saves us precious time, money, and effort.” – Linda Mery Kharthangmaw, Farmer FDC Sohiong

Linda Mery Kharthangmaw, Farmer FDC Sohiong

Our efforts have been successful, as evidenced by the positive feedback from farmers like Linda from Sohiong, who have benefited from our FDCs. They appreciate our seed packets’ affordability and appropriate size, which have made their lives easier. Such testimonials demonstrate the positive change we bring to rural farming communities, fostering hope and empowerment.

Additionally, the Kratos Foodlens app helps farming practices by utilizing satellite mapping technology to assess the quality of soil. With this innovative tool, farmers can easily differentiate between fertile and infertile land. Moreover, the app provides valuable insights into the dryness, fertility, and pest infestation levels of the soil, enabling farmers to make informed decisions about their crops.

“Foodlens has helped me so much in my farming practices. It shows me which soil is good for growing and which isn’t. It also tells me if the soil is dry, fertile, or has pests. This app helps me water my crops better and keep them safe from pests. It’s like a magic tool for farmers like me, making our plants healthier and giving us more harvest.” Benjamin Khyriem Mujat, Farmer FDC Sohiong

Benjamin Khyriem Mujat, Farmer FDC Sohiong

Vanya Marak and Mebalaaihun Sun, SVM Project Fellows for Agriculture Vertical said,  “Our main goal is to support local entrepreneurship and generate economic growth in rural areas. We achieve this by establishing FDCs, which enable local entrepreneurs to provide agricultural inputs and assistance to farmers, boosting the region’s economic development. Our focus on developing local businesses helps to strengthen the agricultural sector and promote self-sufficiency among farmers.”

At SVM, we strongly believe in collaborating and innovating to bring about sustainable change. We work together with farmers, agricultural experts, and technology enthusiasts to find comprehensive solutions. Open innovation platforms and partnerships exchange ideas, knowledge, and expertise. This collaborative approach enables us to create customized solutions that cater to the unique needs of Meghalaya’s farmers, such as providing access to diverse seed varieties and modern farming techniques.

Paddyfield in Meghalaya

We are pleased to invite companies and organizations that can help us improve the efficiency and sustainability of our Farmers Development Centres (FDCs) to collaborate with us. Please connect with us on our SVM Platform or directly to our Agri Team at and

We recognize the need to continually improve our operations to provide the best possible support to farmers. By partnering with external experts, we aim to enhance the impact of our agri-projects and improve farmers’ livelihoods. Our efforts are rooted in uplifting rural communities, enhancing food security, and

fostering economic growth. While challenges may persist, we are confident that we can create a resilient agricultural ecosystem that benefits everyone involved by nurturing local entrepreneurship, fostering collaboration, and embracing innovative approaches.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to the SVM vision. Together, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of Meghalaya farmers and build a thriving agricultural sector that catalyzes progress.