Amazon Class Chat to Boost STEM Education Awareness

Smart Village Movement, October 4, 2022

Amazon Class Chats organized for the SVM-Meraki course students are very beneficial for the students as they get an opportunity to interact firsthand with specialized professionals from the IT industry and understand what it’s like to work in tech.  In collaboration with NavGurukul Foundation and Amazon, Smart Village Movement organized our second exciting “Amazon Class Chat” session for the Meraki Python Course students.

It was great to host Ramneek Kalra Cloud Support Associate in AWS Support Engineering. Ramneek led a very engaging session with the students, making them comfortable and encouraging them to participate in the discussion. Ramneek interacted with the young students, answering questions about his journey in the tech field and Amazon. He also provided helpful links that will enable the students to learn more about website building and opportunities with Amazon.

Amazon Future Engineers Class Chats are a part of the Amazon Future Engineer Program, run by Amazon India employees. They share their journey from school life to career. Employees share their stories of the challenges faced and the struggles they overcame in the journey of becoming an Amazonian. They share essential information about skill improvement, interviews, work, and life.

About Ramneek: Ramneek Kalra is a Cloud Support Associate in AWS Support Engineering. Ramneek is a Computer Science Engineer & Volunteer at numerous organizations, notably IEEE, Youth for Sustainability, and Atal Innovation Mission (NITI Aayog, Govt. of India). He is an IEEE Young Professional and Voting member of the IEEE Educational Activities Board (Pre-University Education Coordinating Committee) and Editor of IEEE India Council Newsletter 2022-23. He is also a veteran Class Chats volunteer leading career explorations talks for children and youth to find career pathways in STEM.

Smart Village Movement thanks Ramneek for steering such a meaningful discussion with the students, encouraging and showing pathways toward STEM-related future careers. He infused a sense of ability and confidence among the students, who now feel more excited about learning Python programming language and seek more such opportunities.

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Amazon Class Chat to boost STEM Education awareness: Smart Village Movement has discussed the importance of a well-rounded STEM Education in our STEM Blog Part 1 & Part 2.  Many students are unaware of advanced STEM knowledge’s possibilities and career options. Early exposure to a healthy STEM ecosystem can help students build critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, and digital technology skills that today’s world demands. Amazon Class Chat session enables coding students to envision the future possibilities of their choice and the investment of the time they are making today. Talking to real-world professionals helps them understand the importance of STEM and increases their interest in building knowledge in STEM.

SVM is proud to foster such collaborative partnerships by providing underserved rural students with learning opportunities. If you are a tech professional or entrepreneur looking to join the SVM ecosystem to provide mentorship and inspire the next generation of global careers, please write to us at

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