Amazon Class Chat for Navgurukul Python Students

Smart Village Movement, September 4, 2022

As more students continue to enroll in the Navgurukul Meraki Python course, it was imperative to make them aware of the many opportunities ahead of them. Therefore, in collaboration with NavGurukul Foundation and Amazon, Smart Village Movement organized an exciting “Amazon Class Chat” session for the Meraki Python Course students.

We were glad to have Akash Roy in the chat, a Product Planning Analyst at Amazon who manages the operation of the Amazon Poland warehouse. Akash gave an insightful presentation to the students, interacted with them, and answered all kinds of curious questions our students had.

Amazon Future Engineers Class Chats are a part of the Amazon Future Engineer Program, conducted by Amazon India staff. They share their journey from school life to career; they also share what challenges they faced during this journey and how they overcame them. They also share information on how to improve skills, face interviews, and things essential for professional work and life skills.

About Akash: Akash Roy is a Production Planning Analyst at Amazon. He is responsible for looking after the operations and other important aspects inside a warehouse for Poland overall. He has been working for Amazon for the past 1.5years. He has a background in Operations and marketing, and civil engineering background. He is from Assam and studied at IIM Ranchi and Jorhat Engineering College. Besides work, he enjoys singing and traveling to different places.

We thank Akash for sharing and motivating our students toward a better future. Students were excited and happy to meet him; many now look up to him as a mentor. We believe Akash will continue to guide the students, and we can organize more such sessions in the future again soon.

Learn more about Amazon Class Chats:

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