AI capabilities for River Rejuvenation in Nongstoin

Smart Village Movement, February 13, 2024

In the district of West Khasi Hills, a remarkable initiative is underway to revitalize the polluted Nondein & Nonbah rivers in the market areas of Nongstoin. The Smart Village Movement (SVM), in collaboration with a local NGO – Green-Tech Foundation, and Clearbot, re-introduces a technology to collect floating waste using AI Robotic boats of 200kg capacity. This initiative is a continuation of the demonstration conducted last year at Umiam Lake under the capabilities of Clearbot, which gained much traction.

The AI-powered marine boats have been designed to tackle the floating waste plaguing water bodies like the Nondein River. These boats offer an effective solution to combat water pollution by identifying and targeting pollution hotspots, providing real-time monitoring and adaptable strategies. The team at Green-Tech Foundation oversees the boat’s daily operations, ensuring a systematic approach to waste collection and disposal. The target for waste collection is 30kg per day. Rag pickers identified from the local community shall be actively participating in the project, segregating recyclable materials for proper processing, and this is done once a week.

One of the distinctive features of this initiative is the utilization of locally crafted bamboo trash traps built by the Green-Tech Foundation and placed across the river. These traps serve as practical barriers, intercepting waste before it disperses further downstream and then using the Clearbot AI Robotic Boat to collect the debris accumulated. Clearbot’s autonomous technology operates seamlessly in remote and challenging locations, enabling the Green-Tech Foundation to achieve more waste cleaning and collection in less time. This advanced capability ensures efficient and continuous operation, maximizing the impact of environmental initiatives in areas that were previously difficult to access. Additionally, Green-Tech Foundation is also focused on a unique outreach program wherein they educate the community about the detrimental effects of waste disposal in natural water bodies.

This is a significant step towards advancing waste management practices in the state.

Image Credit: @greentechfoundation

Image 1

Clearbot AI Robotic Boat collecting waste

Image 2

Bamboo Trash Traps by Greentech Foundation

Image 1

After Cleaning Process

Image 2

Recyclable Waste Picked up by Local Rag Pickers certified by Greentech Foundation