1. What is NavGurukul?

NavGurukul is a NGO which offers a free one-year residential program for underprivileged students to learn software engineering and get guaranteed high paying aspirational jobs. Apart from software engineering, there is an intense focus on English training and personality development. It is a meaningful alternative to a college for the job-seeking young adults.

2. What kind of program NavGurukul has?

NavGurukul has three program:

  • A free of cost 3-month online introductory course on Software Programing & Touch Typing. The course has been taught on an app called Meraki which also provides you a space to learn coding on your smartphone.
  • One year of fully-funded residential program on software engineering which guarantees a minimum Rs. 20000/ month job in MNCs & Start-ups. There are 3 girls campuses (Pune, Bangalore, Sarjapur) and 1 boys campus (Dharamshala). The program also focuses on English & Personality Development training.
  • One year of a fully-funded residential program on graphic designing which guarantees a job. The program is only for girls and the campus is in Pune.

3. What is Meraki?

Coronavirus has exposed the digital poverty of India. The rate of jobs cut down in the non-IT sector is significantly higher than the IT sector. Meraki is a 3 monthly readiness program on Introductory Programming and Touch Typing and opens doors to get a job or further training opportunities in the IT sector.

Meraki’s vision is to build and sustain an android application, focused on making programming and digital skills accessible to learners from different communities, through a smartphone, and working to create direct job opportunities or admissions to aspirational training programs. Meraki’s focus area is young women and girls, given the dismal representation of the women in the IT Sector.

4. What can I learn in Meraki?

  • Introduction to Programming (Python)
  • Expert Mentoring and Live Classes where you can learn from the best!
  • Live Doubt Solving
  • Write and Run Codes
  • Personality Development
  • Network Building

5. How can I use Meraki?

You can download the Meraki android application using this link

Click Here

6. Why should I join Meraki?

Meraki is a platform which will help you define your career pathway in Software Programming. You shall learn Basics of Computer Programming through our application, get to interact with experts in the field and create a network of professionals who can guide you.

We encourage self learning where you shall be provided with the course content and ample number of live classes on the same topics which you can choose to attend at your convenience. This will help you spend your time efficiently and continue learning at all times.
Meraki is also equipped with a Code Compiler, where you do not need a laptop to learn Python Programming Language, making learning easier and on the go!

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