An Open Innovation Endeavor

From Data to Happiness

  • Data is useless unless it is converted into Information.
  • Information is useless unless it is converted to Knowledge.
  • Knowledge is useless unless it is produces something useful.

In a Smart Village, it means a useful and ‘smart’ way of doing things. ‘Knowledge is Power’ is now an outdated concept. In our new age, Shared Knowledge is the Real Power. Ultimately, the goal is to increase the happiness index of people.

Smart Village Movement Platform is a dynamic digital space where academia, government and corporations, startups and multinationals, come together to co-innovate to solve grand challenges of rural emerging economies.

It is this co-Innovation environment and a spirit of collaboration which accelerates problem finding and solving challenges in rural economies.

The Platform is a common ground where all stakeholders connect to access and share data for the co-innovation process.

The various sections of the Platform classify different types of data that an average user might require to work on a project they find interesting and understand the ecosystem of the organization as a whole.

Collaborations show what existing projects with multiple parties have already been established within the Smart Village Movement and what impact was created. Moreover, it gives other participants an understanding of how their progress, learnings, and challenges have evolved and provides them the opportunity to plug in and collaborate to perfect the solution if necessary.

What’s In It For Me? Value Propositions for Governments, Academia, Businesses or Volunteers Using SVM Platform

  • Research insights to help formulate policies
  • Access to real-time field data and impact
  • Meeting needs of constituents
  • Access to innovative solutions and proposals presented by universities and corporates
  • Choosing relevant innovation and digital technologies for the state and encouraging companies to invest in rural areas & contribute to the economy with taxes
  • Access database of community pain points
  • Embark on problem-driven, pragmatic research
  • Provide students with education and resources for targeted research
  • Access to Berkeley-SVM Open-Innovation platform and corporate partners
  • Access to support and feedback from the SVM team and Berkeley mentors
  • Tap into the pain points of rural demographic
  • Embark on problem-driven, pragmatic research
  • Resolve relevant customer needs and gain first-mover advantage
  • Access an efficient structure to test the market and your own offerings and solutions
  • Develop innovative new Open-Innovation business models based on data and feedback
  • Access to Berkeley’s entire Open-Innovation ecosystem. Network with other firms, government, leading universities to form relevant offerings
  • Understand the Smart Village Movement ecosystem
  • Tap into the pain points of rural demographic
  • Research insights to help find innovative solutions
  • Match your skills, knowledge and expertise with current human challenges and find projects that interest you
  • Donate time and money to causes you care most about

Be a Changemaker. Access our Platform Here to participate. See how co-innovation has created solutions that are now active projects that address real-world challenges.