Smart Village Movement at NASSCOM

Smart Village Movement, December 18, 2022

It was an exciting day for Smart Village Movement at the December ‘22 NASSCOM-CoE event in New Delhi. Our colleagues, Anna Fitter, Director of Communications, and Tulenam Laloo, State Director, Meghalaya, had the opportunity to present Smart Village Movement’s open innovation and collaboration model, which focuses on scaling pilot projects as sustainable rural solutions on the ground.

This was a great opportunity for like-minded and goal-oriented organizations to come together and discuss ways to build sustainable rural development solutions. It was an engaging event meeting the remarkable NASSCOM team, innovators, startups, and funders and bringing them into the SVM ecosystem to facilitate pilot projects.

Smart Village Movement is committed to bringing digital technology and innovation as the mainstay of development, and the organization looks forward to the perfect synergy with NASSCOM to do this. This platform was an excellent opportunity for Smart Village Movement to showcase the positive impact of its efforts in rural development using technology and open innovation models, and it’s looking forward to more such opportunities in the future.