SKY is NOT the LIMIT”- by SVM Brand Ambassador Sparsh Shah, Hosted by Smart Village Movement and Vishv Umiyadham Foundation in Ahmedabad, India.

Smart Village Movement, August 28, 2022

On the 27th of August 2022, Sparsh Shah, a talented singer, and international motivational speaker in his many roles, performed in an event called “SKY IS NOT THE LIMIT” in Jaspur, Ahmedabad, India, co-hosted by Smart Village Movement and Vishv Umiya Foundation.

Smart Village Movement is proud to collaborate with inspirational speaker and rapper  Sparsh Shah to bring a huge dose of motivation and self-empowerment for the greater good of the community. We thank him for his inspiring talk and for drawing attention to the cause of sustainable rural development that SVM aspires to.

About Sparsh: Sparsh was born 19 years ago with a rare disorder called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which makes his bones extremely fragile & brittle.

Even a hard handshake can break his bones. He cannot bear weight on his hands and legs and hence cannot walk or run like other normal kids.

So far, he has endured the pain of 140 fractures and multiple operations. He lives with 8 iron rods and 22 nut bolts in his body.

But his undefeated spirit remains INTACT.

See his talent and accomplishments so far. He is a Song Writer, Music Composer, Singer, Rapper, and one of the Top 10 Motivational Speaker in the World.

God has gifted him with a divine voice and a brilliant mind. Sparsh has won prizes in 9 singing competitions and done over 300 live performances in 9 countries and prestigious venues. He performed the National Anthem of India & USA in the Howdy Modi Program, where 2 world leaders, Narendra Modi & Donald Trump, were standing in front of him.

A special episode was made on him by Amitabh Bachchan on KBC and gave him a standing ovation. He featured in Vivek Bindra’s show. He was covered on Chitralekha as a cover page story 4 years back.

He delivered lectures at United Nations. He also was interviewed on many TV Channels of the world. He has fan followings worldwide, including Amitabh Bachchan and our Honorable Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi and truly is a source of inspiration for all.

We thank Sparsh for inspiring people to live their best lives, giving back to the community, and paying it forward!

We encourage you all to watch the fantastic talk given by Sparsh.

Here’s the link to the event’s youtube live: