SVM Partners with Tech Eagle and Government of Meghalaya for Drone Deliveries of Medicines

Smart Village Movement, November 26, 2021

Another milestone in the logistics and transport sector was achieved using an unmanned aerial vehicle with our partner TechEagle Innovations with the support of the Government of Meghalaya to start the last mile medicine delivery to ensure the healthcare of every citizen.

This pilot took place between the Nongstoiñ District Hospital and Maweit PHC, with a distance of 35 km. This journey usually takes about 3 hours with a roundtrip of 6 hours. The unique advantage of drones would cut down the time and make delivery five times faster. In the case of Nongstoin to Maweit, the drone delivery time was only 20 minutes.

This pilot aims to propel the use of drone technology to the ground healthcare workforce across the rural parts of the state. Studying the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of using new-age, smart logistics solutions can enhance time and resource management for the healthcare system in the state.

We’re grateful for all the media coverage that brought Smart Village Movement’s Tech Eagle Pilot in Meghalaya to mainstream news. We are very excited to explore how drone technology can be used to improve logistics in rural India.