The Challenge

Increased Need For Hygiene and Hand-washing During the Pandemic
Smart Village Movement is dedicated to finding innovative solutions to reduce the number of waterborne diseases like Cholera, Typhoid and Hepatitis-A in rural areas. Sustainable and equitable use of water over millennia has been ensured by cultural adaptation to water availability through water conservation methods. The proper management of our limited water resources is essential to ensure food security for our growing population and to eliminate poverty. The global pandemic has also highlighted the importance of having access to clean water for frequent hand washing in public places.

The Smart Village Solution

Install ‘Safe Taps’ around public community centers, healthcare facilities and schools to offer villagers access to clean water.

HELIOZ is a Social Enterprise based in Austria that offers innovative and accessible solutions to improve everyday lives of those underserved by traditional markets. Their unique method of ‘solar water disinfection’ does not require batteries, filters or chemicals for use, but only uses the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays to kill microorganisms in water. They combine social impact with commercial success on a global basis by providing customized CSR-projects and climate activities to companies and governments in the area of water disinfection.

About Helioz

Scope of Innovation

There is a need to help communicate with digital tools and solutions for blood banks more efficiently by generating data and placing its reposThe Safe Tap project was brought to life in Meghalaya to ensure safe handwashing. The project collaborates between the Smart Village Movement, State Government & HELIOZ for the pilot implementation of Safe Tap technology as a community solution for handwashing in 14 villages (Mawphlang C&RD) in Meghalaya. It gives people the opportunity to practice proper hygiene in areas where it is not possible otherwise. The project does not only help with increasing awareness and sanitation measures but supports the vital measures to fight COVID 19.

Pilot Area

Out of the 45 Safe Taps that will be pilot implemented in the villages, 30 of them will be pilot implemented in Anganwadis and schools and 7 in health care institutes.


  • Technological package development
  • Training, Awareness and knowledge dissemination 45 safety water taps installation
  • Adjustable water amount

Project Data

The SVM Platform

The SVM-Berkeley curated open innovation platform builds an Open Innovation ecosystem that connects the villager’s challenges to corporates, academic research, and state governments.

We help leverage shared capital and operational resources with co-innovation and collaborative engagements bringing optimum solutions to rural challenges.

Our Vision

A shift to high-quality water for remote rural areas in Meghalaya and one day all over India & the world.

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