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Smart Village Movement

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About Us

Smart Village Movement

Empowering The Rural World

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How We Do It

Open Innovation

We provide a platform for companies from various sectors to come together and share their intellectual properties (Ideas and tools) amongst each other in order to solve our common goal.

Co- Innovation

Using the intellectual property being shared, companies and universities come together, and we formulate solutions for challenges in respective verticals using the services each company has to provide.


We organize the companies together in an eco-system with the authorization of the respective governments and manage the ecosystem where each companies services compliments the others in a harmonious chain.


Our Open Innovation approach integrates technology and indigenous rural practices to generate sustainable revenue for the constituents, thus increasing the overall standard of living and quality of life, simultaneously creating economic, social, and environmental value.

We work towards community prosperity through our business model innovation approach, generating sustainable and scalable business models to provide a holistic development of the villages.

Smart Village is a community empowered by Digital Technologies and Open Innovation platforms to Access Global Market.

8 Verticals we focus on

Health Care